• Make a contract with our sales staff and send us 50% deposit before we buy the vehicle.
  • We will bid for the vehicle/s and send you a Proforma invoice soon after the bid has been succeeded.
  • The final vehicle cost (FOB) will be purchasing price +8% of the last bid price+ Auction charges +Recycle+domestic transport+ our commission. Also please note that price will increase a bit for the Vehicle/s with Number plate/(Road Tax). Inspection charges will be added if its needed. Freight charges will be also added in invoice depend on M3 of the vehicle and port of destination.
  • Make the balance payments. Balance should be send within 3 days from the day of purchase so that we can book the nearest vessel/ship to your destination.
  • We ship your vehicle and send a set of original documents to you
NOTE: If you're unable to settle the vehicle’s cost within 7 working days we will cancel your deposit and sell the vehicle back in auction to recover company’s money. 1,000 US Dollar will be charged from your deposit as a penalty.