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AUTOEXPERT.JP is an ONLINE AUCTION BIDDING SERVICE and offers you to get access to over 120,000 vehicles everyday; such as Van's, SUV's, Sedans, Trucks, Buses and Heavy Equipment from 100 Auto Auction Houses across Japan. Since year 2009, we export a wide range of models and makes to all over the world with professional inspections and it became one of the largest automobile trading companies in Japan. We are passionate in analyzing used automobile market, and constantly searching the best way to export worldwide to Africa, Asia, Oceania, Caribbean countries, Europe, Latin, South America, and West Indies. Here in AUTOEXPERT.JP we have dedicated ourselves in providing affordable and quality used vehicles that we directly source from Auction houses.
Through our website, you will get access to monitor ALL STOCKS of Live Auctions and Auto Dealers' Inventories in JAPAN. Well experienced Autoexpert Officers will guide you to get your vehicle at a very reasonable price with very good condition. Accurate photos that represent the vehicles' details, quality and overall appearance correctly will be provided you. In addition to the photos, you will be helped to understand the vehicle condition and features by auction sheet indicated on each vehicle.
If you have any questions regarding the procedure on how to buy / bid from Auction, please do not hesitate to contact us. It is our desire to spend time answering your queries personally and as quickly as we can. Service in English, Japanese, Swahili and Tagalog are available.
What does AUTOEXPERT.JP Makes Different?
AUTOEXPERT.JP is the FAST and EASY solution to find your car direct from 120,000 daily Auto Auctions and Shared Inventories Stocks in Japan. Excellent Service Guaranteed. Transparency and equity among clients and dealers with safety, smooth transactions, quality and reliability.
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AUTOEXPERT.JP can make global car dealers to be an "JAPANESE CAR EXPERT". We are looking forward to serving you!!
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